#51: Casey Diaz of Shot Caller |From Los Angeles Gangs to Prison to Jesus Christ

The story of Casey Diaz will shake you to your core.  Casey is a former Los Angeles gang member who was sent to one of the most dangerous jails in the country to serve out his sentence.  He was a “shot caller” which is a high ranking gang member that is considered one of the most dangerous inmates.  Casey’s life was changed when he discovered the power of Christ in prison and his story is an inspiration.   

He’s our guest on this week’s Ann & Phelim Scoop and you will be moved by his incredible story.   While behind bars, Casey spent the first few years in solitary confinement. There, he had an incredible experience that led him towards Christianity. We don’t want to spoil the tale, so tune into the podcast and read Casey’s book to hear it. Casey is also involved in turning his life story into a film. 

He received an offer from a big Hollywood studio in the past, but declined because he knew that Hollywood leftists wouldn’t be inclined to include his story of faith in the film.   Casey has told his story in full detail in his powerful memoir The Shot Caller.  We cannot recommend this book enough!  He also hosts his own podcast The Shot Caller podcast which tells the stories of redemption through Christ.  

Please give it a listen!  

Buy the Shot Caller: Click Here

Listen to the Shot Caller Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-shot-caller-podcast/id1493813493