DV #52: The Mainstream Science Has Been Wrong!

We are nearly four months into the two week lockdown to flatten the curve and one thing continues to be glaringly obvious — the mainstream science has been WRONG.  Whether it’s the doomsday predictions from Neil Ferguson or the flip-flop on mask mandates from Doctor Fauci — the mainstream science has been a colossal failure.  On today’s episode we take a look at a new study that could indicate that we are overestimating risk surrounding the virus. 

Case numbers are starting to grow in many states and the mainstream media is getting giddy about the thought of another lockdown.  We take a look at some of the states getting the most heat from the left. 

Cancer screenings are set to resume in Ireland later this year.  It’s heartbreaking to believe that so many people have been unable to access these important screenings for nearly four months. 

Also on today’s episode we take a look at some petty political games from the E.U. as well as the mysterious upcoming movie about the coronavirus.  We hope you enjoy today’s episode and if you do — please consider making a monthly gift to keep us going!  https://unreportedstorysociety.com/donate/