#48: Jesus Is NOT Cancelled, With ‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins

“Cancel culture” insanity has consumed the country!  Whether it’s destroying historic statutes or condemning depictions of “white Jesus” the left is working overtime to dismantle every aspect of our culture.  And while Black Lives Matter radicals like Shaun King call for Jesus to be cancelled we disagree!  On this week’s podcast we bring you the story of The Chosen — an innovative new television series that shows Jesus through the eyes of those who knew him.    

We are joined by The Chosen’s director and creator Dallas Jenkins, who we are admittedly a little jealous of as Dallas beat our crowdfunding record from Gosnell by raising $10 million for his series.  The Chosen is now the most successful media crowdfunded in history and it is the first multi-season television series that shows the life of Jesus.  

Even if you are not Christian or religious, Dallas’ story about overcoming the mainstream media barriers is incredibly powerful.   Don’t miss this week’s conversation with Dallas Jenkins — one of the bravest conservative directors working today.  We were introduced to Dallas years ago by the late Andrew Breitbart and we’ve been fans ever since (even though he beat our crowdfunding record!). The Chosen is an innovative new television show about the life of Jesus and told through the eyes of those who knew him.  The show bypasses the mainstream media and is available only at the Chosen app on Google Play and the Apple Store.  We cannot recommend it more!