DV #53: Media Blames Tucker & Hannity For Virus Deaths

It can get more ridiculous.  A new article in the Washington Post is now blaming Fox News, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson for coronavirus deaths.  But not all murderers are equal!  The Post tries their best to blame one Fox News host for the more virus deaths than the other.  We break down this bogus article from the Washington Post — can you believe they even published this?!

Texas is slowing down their reopening and the leftist blue check marks are in a frenzy trying to blame Republican governors.  The truth is, Governor Andrew Cuomo STILL has the most deaths worst coronavirus response in the country.   We break down the numbers and compare the new “hot spots” to the original New York disaster.

Also on todays episode we examine who is actually sick from the coronavirus.  As you know, the media is clamoring about the rise in cases across the country — but are those cases people who are actually ill from the virus?  Not necessarily! 

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