DV #51: Will Debates Be Cancelled?

If you ask Phelim, he’ll tell you he thinks it’s very unlikely that we will see any presidential debates this year.  He might be right because the University of Michigan has cancelled their plans to host one of the debates this year due to the coronavirus.  Will other universities follow their lead?  We discuss whether we will be able to see the candidates battle out their ideas on stage or if the debates will be cancelled altogether. 

In some interesting news the Buzzfeed building in Santa Monica is for sale.  Buzzfeed was once one of the hottest outlets on the media scene.  Now they’re laying off workers and selling their posh campus in Santa Monica.  We explain why it’s not so surprising that Buzzfeed is being forced to downsize. 

Today we examine some bizarre coronavirus regulations from New Hampshire.  A liberal independent bookstore in New Hampshire is opening by appointment only and they have some very silly new rules for customers who want to shop . . .

Also on today’s episode we take a look at the impact of the pandemic on schools, the struggling cruise industry, and the federal guidelines that Governor Hot Spot may have broken when he readmitted COVID patients into nursing homes.