DV #50: The Virus Is Not Racist

The media’s fear tactics are growing as coronavirus cases rise in many states.  Of course, there’s much more to the story!  We examine the latest in The New York Times and explain how their selective reporting could be contributing unnecessarily to the fear surrounding the “uptick” in cases.  It makes us wonder why the establishment aren’t working to fully dedicating our resources to protecting the elderly and at risk populations instead of pushing fear tactics on the total population. 

Over the weekend we saw the effect of the media’s fear tactics.  Restaurants in Los Angeles are slow and it makes us wonder how big of an economic downturn we are about to face.  With factory production slowing and people staying home — how bad will the economy get?

We also examine one of the biggest myths about the coronavirus — is it racist?  Many “thinkers” at outlets like the Guardian are claiming that the virus is racist and has a much bigger impact on minorities.  Is that true?

Also on today’s episode we take a look at quarantine “PTSD,” the effectiveness of social distancing, and the mass of migration out of New York City.   

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