DV #48: Fauci Admits To Mask Lie!

After what appeared to be a massive flip-flop on the effectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Dr. Fauci has finally admitted to lying about the use of masks.  Earlier this year Dr. Fauci told Americans on 60 minutes that wearing a mask was not an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.  Later, he changed his mind and encouraged all Americans to wear a mask.  Now Dr. Fauci has said that his earlier hesitations about mask usage were to prevent a shortage for healthcare workers.  

Also on today’s episode we examine a silly clip from Cuomo Prime Time which centers on a group of friends who contracted the coronavirus after heading out to the bars to celebrate a friends birthday.  While Cuomo attempts to push “panic porn” by repeating “all of you got sick” — the group admits that only two of them contracted flu like symptoms.  You’ve got to hear this clip – which may actually bring us some good news . . . 

Our good friend Kristy Swanson is under attack by the actors union here in Los Angeles.  We tell you the insane story of how the left in Hollywood is using the coronavirus to try and smear Republican actors. 

Also on today’s episode we revisit Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s reign of terror in New York and some ridiculous coronavirus regulations in Ireland.