DV #45: Is The COVID “Spike” Real?

The mainstream media is piling on reports of a new “spike” of COVID in states like Arizona.  Of course they’re blaming the “spike” on reopening and on President Trump – but is there another reason why case numbers might be rising?  Lockdown skeptic Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, does a deep dive on the new statistics emerging from states that appear to be having rising case numbers.  You might be surprised why some states appear to have rising numbers and it’s not what the media claims. 

We also examine some grim economic statistics which are no surprise.  The world was put on “pause” for months and now we are beginning to see the repercussions.  In the U.K. the economy is said to have contracted by 20%!  It may seem like a “small” number for the economy shutting down – but it will have huge repercussions.

Also on today’s episode we examine some shocking statistics from the University of California system.  There’s a reason why college is so expensive!