DV #47: Dr. Fauci Returns

Dr. Fauci has returned with another unreasonable request!  He spoke to the Guardian this past week and discouraged any recreational international travel likely until there is a coronavirus vaccine.  This will have a devastating effect on the economy and it makes us wonder if Dr. Fauci would continue to have these views if he were not receiving his salary like millions of Americans are right now. 

Also over the weekend Governor Hot Spot has transitioned from encouraging massive protests in the streets to shaming Manhattanites for enjoying their summer evenings in the name of COVID-19.  We examine Cuomo’s hypocrisy and explain why so many New Yorkers will be ignoring his pleas for “social distancing.”

Also on this episode we discuss a hilarious story about a rabbi and Trader Joe’s, the latest on the hydroxychloroquine debate and more!  Tune in now!

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