DV #129: So The Media Hates Riots Now?

On today’s episode we bring you our thoughts on yesterday’s chaos in Washington, DC.  For the past several months, radical left protests and riots have broken out across the country.  After yesterday’s riot in Washington, it appears the media and politicians have changed their minds about acts of political violence.  We bring you the hypocrisy on today’s episode. 

Additionally we discuss the rationing of care in Los Angeles, COVID’s emotional toll on children, and much more. 

We also bring you good news and bad news.  The bad news is this is our final episode of the Daily Virus.  You’ll still be able to follow along to the weekly podcast, the Ann & Phelim Scoop every Wednesday here and on YouTube.  

We aren’t slowing down – we are ramping up and going to be focusing on our very exciting Biden project.  Those details will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned! 

Thank you for being a loyal listener to the Daily Virus for the past ten months.  It’s been such a joy bringing you the news throughout the pandemic and we are grateful for your support.  We’ll catch you on the Scoop next Wednesday!