**UPDATE – 1/11/1 3:30PM — The account has been reinstated and deemed a “mistake” by Twitter.

(Los Angeles, CA) — In the latest sweep of conservative Twitter accounts, the Gosnell filmmakers, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, have had their organization’s account banned from the social media site. 

“They came for Trump, they came for us, and next they are coming for you,” said Phelim McAleer.  “They are erasing conservative thought from Twitter.  If this doesn’t shock you, I don’t know what will.”

The Ann & Phelim Scoop handle was removed from Twitter on Monday allegedly due to “platform manipulation and spam.”  Since the creation of the account in 2019, the account has never received any communication from Twitter that their content fell outside of Twitter’s acceptable use policies.  

Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are known for their podcast The Ann and Phelim Scoop, their film GOSNELL, their documentary Fracknation, the ObamaGate Movie, and their plays Ferguson, and FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers.  McAleer and McElhinney are New York Times bestselling authors who live in Venice, California.