73: Alec Baldwin’s Wife LIES About Her Hispanic Roots!

It’s truly incredible the lengths media will go to coverup for one of their friends!  On today’s episode we take a look at the insane Hilaria Baldwin story.  In the style of Rachel Doelzel,  Hilaria Baldwin (wife of Alec Baldwin) has been lying about her “hispanic heritage” for years.  For years Hilaria was praised in the mainstream media and Hollywood for her “hispanic roots.”  Turns out it was a big fat lie – and the media refuses to call her out for it.  Imagine if a conservative did this?!

Also on today’s episode we are joined by our great friend James Delingpole of the Delingpod and Breitbart U.K. to discuss what’s happening in England.  A year ago, Britain’s future was bright with the news of Brexit.  Now the country is plagued with never-ending lockdowns and an increasingly liberal leader, Boris Johnson.  You’ll find the news James fascinating – though upsetting. 

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