Daily Virus #42 | The Hypocrisy Of “Scientific Experts”

For months healthcare workers and “experts” across the world guilted billions of people into staying home and cancelling all of their plans for the foreseeable future.  Businesses closed (many permanently) and students went without proper schooling.   Now the same healthcare workers and “experts” are supporting the mass protests that are spreading throughout the world.  What’s their argument?  That racism is a bigger public health crisis than the coronavirus.  We dissect their claims and examine how quickly these experts pivoted from “all gatherings are bad” to “please protest with 20,000 of your closest friends.”

The protests in Los Angeles are still going strong and continued into this weekend.  It appears the rioting and the looting have stopped and thanks to a lawsuit from the ACLU, the city has stopped their draconian curfews.  We examine the ACLU’s challenge to the curfews and wonder why they were so quiet during the coronavirus lockdowns. 

Also on this episode we talk about the drama at the New York Times, the new process at LA hair salons, the Irish Times, and much more! 

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