Daily Virus #40 | Pandemic Over?

We are starting to get the feeling that the pandemic is over.  Are you?  It’s been nearly a week of endless mass protests across the world.  Governments (many of which still have their constituents on lockdown) aren’t stopping the thousands of people marching close together – in fact they’re encouraging them.  The abandonment of the establishment’s virus guidelines has shown just how hypocritical the political class is.  For example, in England, funerals were limited to a very small number of people and in some cases, eulogies were banned due to social distancing.  But people can protest in the streets?  

It’s petty hypocrisy and double standards like this that will stop anyone from supporting future lockdowns. 

In even more insanity, a measure has been introduced in England that bars you from having sex with someone who is not in your household.  It’s a good thing Neil Ferguson got away with it when he could!

Also in todays episode we discuss hydroxychloroquine, the TRUE death toll of the riots, and more.  Thanks for listening!