#45: Exposing Identity Politics & The Never Ending Lockdown With Lionel Shriver

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We’re excited to be joined this week by writer Lionel Shriver, author of the incredible book We Need to Talk About Kevin. Lionel discusses her background and how she came to question many foundational liberal philosophies when she was a young adult.  She’s been a vocal advocate in the UK against the lockdowns and she cues us in on how the media has completely overblown this crisis.   And as riots, looting, and protests spread throughout America, Shriver explains her experience with identity politics.  Shriver’s insight into the controversial topics of race and diversity are absolutely hated by the left and the establishment.  You’ll love the way she thinks!

Robert Bryce returns to the podcast this week for a second time. He joined us at the very beginning of the pandemic lockdown and now we’re hoping his appearance means the lockdown is at an end. The media isn’t talking about it anymore anyway! Perhaps what they should be talking about is Robert’s new documentary Juice: How Electricity Explains the World. It is now available to stream online, so if you’re still stuck at home and looking for something to watch, we highly recommend it! Robert discusses the importance of – and dangers to – electricity grids around the world as well as a unique phenomenon called “electricity theft.” You won’t want to miss it.

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