Daily Virus #38 | The Purge Meets Los Angeles

If you’ve ever seen “The Purge” and you happen to live in Los Angeles at the moment, you might be seeing some eerily familiar scenes.  Riots broke out throughout the city this weekend and have destroyed hundreds of small and large businesses throughout the city.  Yesterday Phelim took to the streets in Santa Monica and Venice to report on the looting that has been spreading throughout the city. 

We also talk about a second “purge” in Los Angeles and that is the massive amount of taxpayers who are now fleeing the city.  With the draconian COVID lockdowns, the skyrocketing crime, the growing homeless population – Hollywood is about to see a deep decline in taxpayers. 

We also examine more of the hypocrisy of the protests.  Why is it that protesting was considered a radical danger to public health just a week ago?  What happened to the cries that protesting would lead to massive spikes of COVID-19?

We discuss this and more on today’s episode.  Enjoy!