Daily Virus #37 |It’s a RIOT, not a protest.

Happy Friday!  We hope you have some wonderful weekend plans ahead of you and that your state is transitioning quickly out of lockdown.  

On today’s episode we talk about the horrific riots happening around the country.  The mainstream media is trying to downplay the riots that are destroying small businesses and burning down buildings across Minneapolis.  We explain the laughable language they use to describe one of the most violent riots in recent history. 

We also discuss an article from the Irish Times that downplays the lockdown’s effect on small businesses across Ireland.  New travel restrictions that require visitors to quarantine will all but kill tourism in Ireland.  The media seems to think these restrictions won’t REALLY affect anyone – it’s another example of the media’s complete misunderstanding of basic economics. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ever-changing views on masks and the rising opioid afflictions in Ohio. 

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