Daily Virus #36 | Lockdown Hypocrites

It’s been MONTHS of lockdowns all across America and as most states slowly reopen, the governors who are keeping their states on lockdown are showing their hypocrisy.  Two of the most controversial governors in the country have been caught breaking their own rules.  You have to hear these hilarious lockdown hypocrisy stories about pro-lockdown politicians across the world.  It shows that even the most “woke” among us don’t believe the seriousness of these irrelevant rules. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss the media’s constant fear mongering and their hope for the worst possible outcomes.  The coronavirus death toll has reportedly hit 100,000 and the media continues to push their scare tactics despite declining numbers across the country.  Not only are they blaming President Trump for these deaths, they’re also blaming him for the economic decline from the lockdowns.  The same lockdowns they were cheering for just weeks ago. 

Lastly, we take a look at some of the city workers who are benefiting in the time of lockdowns and economic turmoil.  The City of Los Angeles will face a massive budget deficit this year and yet they’re going to give some city workers a massive raise.  

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