Daily Virus #34 | Will We Have Another Shutdown?

Happy Friday!  We hope you have all sorts of fun civil disobedience planned for your Memorial Day weekend.   On today’s episode we discuss President Trump’s statement that if we see a second wave in COVID-19 cases/deaths that we will not shutdown the country.  Does President Trump have this power?  We discuss. 

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Senator Kamala Harris has a “brave” and “bold” new proposal that is a colossal waste of time as her state sees record high unemployment, business closures, and poverty.  Reality is more ridiculous than the Onion. 

New reports are saying that the virus is actually fading in London.  We discuss why the mainstream media likely won’t cover this important update that will set the stage for the U.K.’s reopening of its most populated city. 

Finally,  we discuss one of the most controversial topics of the coronavirus.  It has been pointed out by a listener that we **may** be pronouncing Worldometer wrong.  We discuss why we think we are still right 😉

Have a great weekend!