Daily Virus #35 | Joe Biden Returns!

We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We were finally able to have a lovely dinner in a restaurant for the first time in many months.  We share with you the new ways restaurants in California are working to adhere to Gavin Newsom’s new guidelines.  

On today’s episode we also take a look at a very interesting story of an author who passed away of COVID-19.  It turns out this notable author was living a complete lie and that his lavish lifestyle as a writer was founded on a completely false identity.  You’ve got to hear this bizarre story. 

As you likely know by now, the lockdowns are doing much more harm than good and in many parts of America suicide rates are skyrocketing as leftist governments refuse to open.  We take a look at the data and some of the shocking stories throughout the county. 

And FINALLY Joe Biden has emerged from his home this Memorial Day weekend.  We examine Joe’s first public appearance in months and discuss what this may mean for his campaign. 

Thanks for tuning in.  Make sure you keep an eye out for tomorrow’s episode where we will be joined by Tom Fitton!