Daily Virus #33 | Voter Fraud In Michigan?

On today’s episode we set the record straight on the media’s most recent lies about the virus.  We start with their latest doomsday articles about Brazil.  If you believed the media’s narrative, you’d think that Brazil has one of the highest death rates per million in the world.  In reality, Brazil has one of the lower death rates for a country of their massive size.  In fact, they are 27th on the global deaths per million toll.  We discuss why the media wants you to believe differently. 

We also revisit Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer today.  Michigan made headlines yesterday because according to a tweet by President Trump, Michigan’s Secretary of State took the liberty of sending everyone in the state absentee ballot applications that could appear to be encouraging all Michiganders to vote by mail.  We discuss Trump’s allegations of potential voter fraud and how mail in ballots are the most susceptible for fraud. 

Finally, we examine the TRUE timeline about the virus.  Outlets like the New York Times and CNN want you to believe that it’s Trump who has “blood on his hands” from the death toll but the truth is Governors like Andrew Cuomo were downplaying the virus for weeks.