#43: LOCKDOWN Legal Battle With John Waters

We’re back with another exciting episode of The Ann & Phelim Scoop from week nine of our increasingly ludicrous lockdown. Today we are joined by Irish journalist John Waters who went toe to toe with the Irish government to overturn the country’s stringent lockdown.

First this week, we take a lot of pleasure analyzing the massive piece in The New York Times about Ronan Farrow’s “woke” journalism. You may remember Farrow from his “investigative” on Harvey Weinstein that launched the #MeToo movement. 

He has largely been commended as a hero by the mainstream media and the left. But now it looks like there is a leftist civil war underway  Following the Times piece from Ben Smith. We also point out that Mr. Smith has his own problems with poor journalistic standards. 

Then, we catch up with Irish journalist John Waters, who recently took legal action against the Irish lockdown measures. You might be surprised if you thought the United States was the only nation abridging freedoms during this pandemic. 

In Ireland, some of the lockdown measures are more draconian and just as ridiculous. We also discuss some potentially positive reactions to these insane measures, both in Ireland and the United States. Will more people finally speak out against media malpractice and big government solutions – both of which we’ve seen increase during this pandemic? Let’s hope so. 

Finally, we want to thank you all again for tuning in each week and leaving so many wonderful reviews of the show on Apple Podcasts. Keep it up! We read and treasure each and every one.