Daily Virus #32 | How Inflated Are The COVID Numbers?

A battle appears to be brewing in the White House between Dr. Deborah Birx and the CDC. Birx claims that she can’t trust the CDC’s death toll numbers which is not surprising since the numbers have come under much scrutiny and Democratic Governor Jared Polis recently reduced Colorado’s death toll.  How inflated are the numbers?  Birx thinks they could be inflated by as much as 25%. 

On today’s episode we also talk about Senator Ben Sasse’s lighthearted commencement speech that was lambasted in the media for absolutely no reason other than that he was a Republican.  Sasse took a fun but informative approach to the speech and the media attacked him for a slew of nonsensical reasons.  The Senator from Nebraska tried to bring a little levity to thousands of young people who are entering one of the worst economies in history and the media couldn’t help themselves. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss the UN’s misplaced priorities.  Instead of working to update people on the coronavirus or public health, they’ve taken to Twitter to create a gender neutral language guide.  Good grief!