Daily Virus #31 | Cuomo Is NOT The Hero

On today’s episode of the Virus we discuss the media’s continued attempts to make Governor Andrew Cuomo (aka Governor Hot Spot) the hero of the coronavirus story.  That could not be further from the truth.  Governor Hot Spot is under much scrutiny for how his executive orders may have led to the deaths of hundreds (if not thousands) of nursing home patients in New York.  Now he’s trying to turn the tables and the media is helping him. 

We also discuss Obama’s viral commencement speech that attacked President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.  The media flocked to cover the event all while many mainstream outlets nearly ignore the Obamagate scandal and brush it off as a conspiracy. 

Today we also coin a new term . . . “welfare capitalists.”  These are the hundreds of thousands of Americans on unemployment who don’t want to return to work because they are making more money sitting at home.  Can you blame them?  We discuss how this affects our economy, business owners, and the future of reopening. 

Lastly, we talk about how “nativism” has returned and the left are pioneering it!  Activists in states and countries across the world are discouraging tourism and working to keep nonresidents out of their communities.