Daily Virus #25 | JAILED For Opening A Salon

On today’s episode of the Daily Virus we talk about Shelley Luther, the woman who was jailed for opening her Dallas salon.  Good news – since recorded she has been RELEASED!  We talk about the madness that has led us to freeing inmates and jailing business owners.  This has got to stop.  

Los Angeles has FINALLY announced that they will be easing their lockdown . . . but it’s not by much.  Now some retail will be allowed but it must be drive up style only.  This means that customers cannot enter the store.  How will clothing stores be able to sell their products effectively?  It makes absolutely no sense.  

We also talk about Neil Ferguson and his latest slip up.  Not only is Ferguson the architect of the faulty models that plunged the world into paranoia and economic destruction . . . he violated his own “quarantine” mantra!  You won’t believe this latest case of “lockdown for thee but not for me!”

Also on today’s episode we talk about Hollywood’s calls for a “new normal” and the latest on Governor Hot Spot’s subway fiasco!