Daily Virus #24 | Is ‘Chinese Virus’ Hate Speech?

Instead of working on public health guidelines or helping businesses reopen, the San Antonio City Council has decided that it’s much more important to regulate the speech of their residents.  Phrases like the “Chinese Virus” and the “Kung Fu Flu” could be banned under guidelines under consideration by city councilors.  This is a very slippery slope that could encourage other “woke” cities to follow in their footsteps. 

In terrible news, the unemployment rate has hit a whopping 14.7%.  We discuss whether these folks will be rehired and what jobs may not return after the lockdown.  Huge corporations in the sharing economy like Airbnb and Uber are taking massive hits at the moment.  Will they be able to recover? 

We also look at new data from New York which is a bit embarrassing for our friend Governor Hot Spot.  New data shows that 66% of people who were hospitalized for the Wuhan Virus were people who stayed home.  It’s critical that states reevaluate their lockdown strategies – especially if this is found in other states. 

Lastly we revisit our old pal Joe Biden’s podcast . . . or what’s left of it.  The former Vice President has announced this will be his final podcast . . . even thought the election is months away.