Daily Virus #22 | Governor McDreamy Or Governor McFascist?

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, was once seen as a dreamy establishment liberal politician.  But now Governor McDreamy is taking a hard turn to Governor McFascist.  Newsom upset millions of Americans across the state when a leaked memo said he would close beaches and parks across the state.  In yesterday’s press conference, he was forced to recant his order and close the beaches in just Orange County — arguably one of the most conservative counties in the state!  Now he’s being sued by several of the beach towns.  

Also on today’s episode we revisit Neil Ferguson . . . the man’s whose models disrupted the world and likely crashed the global economy.  We have some new news from him you’re not going to like. 

Today we also talk about what the international headlines are saying about the United States.  Media in other countries are misleading their citizens to create the appearance that the United States in in complete chaos over the virus.  They’re manipulating statistics and giving the appearance that America is the new ground zero for the virus.  That’s a lie.  That’s China! 

Lastly, we examine the new video from Project Veritas that likely shows that states are seriously padding virus death statistics.