Daily Virus #21 | Cuomo’s Huge Mistake

Tomorrow is May!  Finally!  It’s been a long month, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  On today’s episode we discuss Governor Cuomo’s massive mistake in not closing New York City’s metro.  According to his statements yesterday . . . he’s starting to admit that “public transportation” could have a huge role in spreading the virus.  Duh!

His administration announced yesterday that they will finally be sanitizing the metro every day — leaving many New Yorkers to wonder — what was happening before?!

While the rest of the country (and the world) is beginning to open up, Governor Gavin Newsom has decided crack down on his citizens even more.  States like New York and countries like Italy are beginning their reopening plans while Newsom stalls.  Last night, a source in the police community leaked a press release that appears to show Gavin Newsom will ban all state beach and park access.  His power struggle continues . . .

Also on today’s episode we discuss the new news about General Flynn, the “fish tank cleaning” homicide (?), a cat throwing politician and more. 

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