Daily Virus #20 | Is Capitalism Doomed During The Lockdowns?

It seems like everyone is out for capitalism in today’s troubling times.  On today’s podcast we begin with a story from the New York Times that shows their continued efforts to try and put a stop to the reopening of our economy.  It seems like the mainstream media does not want our country to reopen anytime soon.  And why is that?  Most likely it’s because the longer we wait to reopen, the harder it will be for our politicians to stop the creeping socialism that is entering our lives throughout the pandemic. 

In another attempt to thwart capitalism, Los Angeles is debating the food delivery service fee that allows apps like Postmates, Doordash, and UberEats to provide us with food from local restaurants.  These services have been a lifesaver for many families during the COVID-19 crisis and now Los Angeles is moving in to put those services at risk.

We also discuss a story in Panama where a group of woke folks from the U.K. are stranded after attending a festival called The Tribal Gathering.  

Also on today’s episode we discuss Cuomo’s pandemic regrets, the changing video streaming industry, and the return of the Obama’s. 

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