Episode #40 | Ending The Lockdowns With British Political Commentator Toby Young

On this week’s episode we are joined by Toby Young all the way from across the pond!  Toby is the General Secretary of the Free Speech Union and he also runs a fantastic website called LockdownSkeptics.org.  He also is an incredibly talented British political commentator and he is the former head of the New Schools Network.   

We discuss with Toby the history of the lockdowns and how we went from needing to “flatten the curve” to suddenly switching priorities – now we are focused on preventing anyone from becoming ill at all. We look at how this bait and switch threatens devastation for the economies of the developed world. We also look at how lockdowns like this set a very dark and scary precedent for the future.  

Like many of you, we’ve been catching up on the latest streaming movies and television shows during this pandemic but we can’t say we’re too excited about one of Netflix’s upcoming offerings.  

The Obama’s production company will be launching their first documentary on Netflix.  Instead of picking one of the moving “social justice warrior” topics like abortion or climate change — they’ve decided to go a more narcissistic route.  

Their first documentary will be about Michelle Obama’s recent book, Becoming. Were there not other, more important, topics to cover?  Speaking of Hollywood, West Coast leftists can’t seem to curb their worship of abortion, even during a pandemic. “Operation Save Abortion” is a fundraiser with some of the biggest Hollywood stars attached, including Elizabeth Banks. You won’t want to miss our discussion on the topic.

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