Daily Virus #19 | Fish Tank Cleaner Death Is MUCH More Complicated

We hope you had a great weekend.  In today’s episode we talk about more failures of the New York Times.  As their virus coverage continues, we continue to see how the Times is much more concerned with slamming Trump than they are with doing real journalism.  We examine a few articles from over the weekend that show their growing bias and their sympathies with the CCP. 

You may recall that at the beginning of the pandemic, two major ships were brought to New York and Los Angeles to help ease the burden on city hospitals.  It turns out . . . we really didn’t need those ships after all. 

Over the weekend we also learned about the growing insecurities in our food supply system.   Farmers across the country are dumping crops they are unable to sell/use/distribute and animal farmers are doing the same.  The country needs to open as soon as possible or this problem will grow much worse. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss a very good piece of reporting from the Washington Free Beacon about the man who died ingesting fish tank cleaner.   You may recall that the mainstream media tried to blame this man’s death on President Trump.  It turns out, he had a very troubled marriage and this story is far more complicated than what mainstream outlets like CNN have been reporting.  In fact, this story really belongs on Dateline!!

Lastly, we take a look at the COVID-19 numbers across the country and the disastrous stories of inflated numbers that are making it very hard for people to separate fact from fiction.  Silver lining . . . it looks like this is ending . . . very soon!