Daily Virus #18 | Democrat Lawmaker Who Thanked Trump Could Get Censured!

As the virus coverage continues, it’s becoming more clear that the response to the Wuhan Virus is largely political. Earlier this month a Michigan lawmaker thanked President Trump for publicizing the benefits of hydroxychloroquine after it saved her life during her battle with the Wuhan Virus. Now her party is moving to censure her and is threatening to withhold their endorsement. Hydroxychloroquine may not be the magic bullet – but it’s saved lives and now the left in Michigan is trying to silence Representative Whitsett for sharing her truth with others.

Also on today’s episode we talk about the downfall of the Paycheck Protection Program which has been largely successful with providing small business owners with the needed funds to keep their employees on payroll. Some small business owners who have received funding from the PPP are getting animosity from their employees who are making more on unemployment than they were at their jobs.

We talk about Adam Carolla’s notable story of how he dealt with his mother’s dependency on welfare. It’s not an easy mindset to overcome.

Lastly, we examine the New York Times’ latest failure and what it really means to be a “Republican source” or a “source with ties to the President.”