Daily Virus #17 | Open The Economy!

In today’s episode we cover the skyrocketing unemployment numbers that have left millions of Americans out of work.  Will we bounce back?  We are optimists so we hope so!

It’s time to reopen the economy.  This has gone on long enough.  Certainly metropolitan areas like New York City will need to open slower than the rest of us – but the majority of the country is not seeing the massive case numbers, death tolls, or hospitalizations we were told we would see.  Is that because the models were inaccurate to begin with or is it due to social distancing?

Most likely it’s both.  We discuss the history of Neil Ferguson – the man who contrived the 2.2 million death toll that pushed President Trump and others to lockdown their states and countries.  Turns out – Ferguson has a history of creating jaw-dropping models that are wildly inaccurate.  We discuss why you cannot trust his science and why America MUST reopen.

Also on today’s episode we discuss Harvard’s walk of shame!  Harvard has announced they will be returning federal funding after accepting major funding from the federal government during this crisis.  

Lastly, we talk about Los Angeles’ latest crusade against landlords and one city councilor’s desire to buy out struggling property owners in order to house the homeless. 

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