Daily Virus #15 | The New York Times Was Caught LYING Again!

This weekend thousands of Americans across the country protested their state, county, and city lockdown laws.  Several notable cities along the California coast held protests including San Clemente and San Diego.  More and more people are starting to protest the draconian laws like the ones Michigan. 

This weekend we took a stroll alongside Venice Beach in California and the police were out in full force.  Whereas Florida is slowly opening up their beaches, California appears to be doubling down.  

Also on today’s episode we examine the death per million toll throughout the globe.  The mainstream media wants you to believe that America has the highest death toll to population ratio in the world.  That’s simply not true.  In fact, there are several “developed” countries ahead of us. 

Today we also examine the New York Time’s latest flop.  They published a story over the weekend that accused Sean Hannity of indirectly killing a Brooklyn man for his coverage of the coronavirus.  Turns out the story was completely FALSE.  Did the NYT apologize to Fox News?  Of course not. 

Lastly we examine a very famous university in Ireland who has been taking significant funding from China.  Their academic integrity is suffering.