COVERUP: The NYT Stealth Edits Virus Headline To Be Politically Correct (and protect China)

By Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer

The New York Times has been caught secretly changing a headline to hide the fact that the Corona Virus came from China – a fact that they later condemned as racist when it was stated by President Trump.

On their popular coronavirus tracker, the original headline has been quietly and secretly changed.  

When first accessed through Google, the headline reads, “Wuhan Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread Of The Outbreak.”  Seconds after clicking on the article, the headline suddenly changes to, “Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak.”  Does Google still have the original headline cached? Is The New York Times is trying to hide that they once referred to COVID-19 as the Wuhan Coronavirus?  

The New York Times has attacked President Trump for associating the virus with China and even once published an article that cited Chinese Communist Party officials as a reason to disassociate the virus with the country.  A Times reporter wrote:

But the term has angered Chinese officials and a wide range of critics, and China experts say labeling the virus that way will only ratchet up tensions between the two countries, while resulting in the kind of xenophobia that American leaders should discourage.

Is The New York Times trying to cover up for their own hypocrisy?  If The New York Times changed the headline of a popular article – why is it not listed as a correction or an update to the article? 

As you may remember, the Times has changed headlines in the past.  In 2019 the paper changed a headline after backlash from notable politicians and pundits like Nate Silver and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Ocasio-Cortez accused the paper of abetting white supremacists when they wrote that Trump urged “unity” after mass shootings. 

The outrage from the mainstream media pushed the paper to change their headline. 

How can we trust the mainstream media when they constantly bend to pressure from the left in the name of political correctness?

Is their latest edit to their coronavirus tracker the latest example of The New York Times rewriting history?