Daily Virus #14 | Re-Opening America

On today’s virus we discuss President Trump’s plan to re-open America.  It relies heavily on the input and direction from governors and gives the states the power to safely re-open their states.  But does it give states too much power?  How many governors will be dragging their feet to make a political point?  We examine Trump’s new guidelines and take a look at the states who are protesting their governor’s executive action. 

One thing we’ve noticed is the media’s desire to compare rural communities to places with much higher density population.  We discuss why it’s irresponsible to compare places like Wyoming to Los Angeles or New York.

We also talk about the newly released numbers from China that show that the death toll is much worse than what many in the mainstream media anticipated.  Can we trust these new numbers?  Probably not.  We discuss how China’s malfeasance has impacted countries around the world. 

Late night television hosts like Stephen Colbert are bringing a very angry and elitist tone to the COVID-19 conversation.  We discuss his arrogant comments about the thousands of unemployed Americans protesting the lockdowns. 

In today’s episode we also give you the latest on the Royal Family, empty beds in the U.K., and more!  Enjoy!