The Daily Virus #13 | China’s Hold On The WHO & Gretchen Whitmer

Today’s episode is a bit longer than normal – but that’s because there’s so much to talk about! Today we examine Trump’s decision to withdraw funding from the WHO. Although he’s received criticism from many in the mainstream media and folks like Bill Gates – we explain why this was a good move. Very few understand the global politics of the WHO which greatly favor China. The organization’s leader Tedros Adhanom has shown incredible favoritism towards China.

Additionally, the WHO has recommended against many life saving measures since the start of the virus – like travel bans and wearing masks.

Also on today’s episode we revisit Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s “Safer At Home Order” which has sparked massive outrage and protests in Michigan. While she becoming one of the most hated Governors in America . . . she’s also getting eyed as a VP candidate for Joe Biden. Yikes!

We also talk about why government spending matters in a crisis, the relaunch of FBI Lovebirds, and the shocking unemployment numbers.

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