66: Civil War? Trump’s Future And What’s Next For Conservatives With Richard Viguerie

The Ann & Phelim Scoop podcast is back with a new episode! Today we are joined by our dear friend Richard Viguerie who is one of the most effective leaders in the conservative movement in HISTORY!

Conservatives would be lost without Richard! In fact, Richard created one of the most effective marketing tools in politics – direct mail. From the1960s and onto the Ronald Reagan campaign, Richard pioneered raising political contributions through the mail, and since then his company American Target Advertising has raised over $7.3 billion dollars for conservative causes!

On today’s episode Richard speaks with us about President Trump, the ongoing 2020 election battle, the future of the conservative movement, and the Civil War that is breaking out around the country. Richard has seen it all – and his political wisdom is truly unmatched. And as someone who has seen the highs and the lows of the Conservative movement – he is surprisingly optimistic about the future.