Daily Virus #28 | Masks On The Beach?

As you may recall, we have been waiting anxiously to get our beach access back in Los Angeles.  After much anticipation, the county has announced they will open this week . . . but with strings attached!  If you want to go the beach in Los Angeles you must be engaging in active activities – no sitting!  And if you are not in the water – you must wear a mask.  This latest order by Los Angeles shows that these overpaid public health officials and politicians aren’t really relying on science – it’s all politics and power. 

Today we also hear about Fauci’s testimony in front of the Senate HELP committee.  Fauci told the New York Times last night that he predicts “needless” deaths if the economy reopens too quickly.  We debunk the media’s hysteria surrounding Fauci’s statements. 

On today’s episode we also talk about Elon Musk and his quest to reopen his Tesla factory in California.  After battling with county officials, Musk decided to take matters into his own hands and open against the county order. 

Lastly, we revisit our friend Governor Hot Spot who has a new name for the Wuhan Virus – and it’s not what you’d think…