Trump Gets Indicted (Again)

We have a packed episode for you today. First, we begin by looking at Bjorn Lomborg’s fascinating Wall Street Journal Op-Ed titled: “Climate Change Hasn’t Set the World on Fire”. You’ve seen all the hysterical headlines touting how the future of humanity is doomed and apparently how the whole world is on fire. We discuss Lomborg’s very intelligent and rational examination and refutation of all this madness and the crazy hysterical, apocalyptic headlines. Then, we look at the possible motivation behind the media coverage of the murder of two gay men. 

Furthermore, you would think that the pure disaster that happened with Bud Light would have taught CEOs all over the world, you know, not to push trans-madness, but Doc Martens has decided otherwise and we’re here to discuss all that and more. Last but not least, Trump has been indicted again and we welcome Greg Price, former daily caller journalist and current director for the State Freedom Caucus Cetwork, to bring you the truth behind this most recent indictment. The Left doesn’t care about due process anymore. They’re just throwing anything at the wall with the hope that it’ll stick. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.