How Climate ‘Doomism’ Is Killing People

Our satirical film My Son Hunter is becoming more and more of a documentary every day. On this week’s episode, we give you a detailed update on the progress of our ethics complaint against Hunter Biden’s attorney, Kevin Morris. You might remember how this lawyer weaseled his way onto the My Son Hunter film set in Serbia just to lie and essentially spy on our work. Now, preliminary investigations have been done and the walls are closing in on Mr. Morris, and as a result, Hunter Biden. We also discuss Trump’s latest, almost farcical, indictment which is using Trump’s own, very public tweets to prove some massive “conspiracy.” We also deep dive into the newly discovered details about the life of Obama before and after his presidency. It’s honestly incredible that we’ve had to wait this long. Finally, we talk about how climate “doomism” is killing people. If you believe in nothing other than climate change, you are going to worship water and not be able to fight fires. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!