Trans Extremists Cancel Comedian

On today’s episode, we announce our plans to travel to Israel. The Jewish massacres aren’t being properly reported on and mainstream media is vehemently trying to make you forget the horrors that happened in Israel on October 7th. With antisemitism growing all over the world, accurate and authentic journalism has never been more important. Sam Harries puts it well in his podcast, which you can find here. So, we’re going to find a way to tell the true stories in the best way we can and remind the world of exactly what happened on October 7th. 

Also on this episode, we interview one of the greatest comedy writers of our time: Graham Linehan. Graham shares the story of how he lost his career and livelihood because he fought against trans madness by stating loud and clear that men are men and women are women. The “Father Ted” creator did his research, took to social media to speak the truth, and his world collapsed before his eyes. His new book titled: Tough Crowd, explains first how he got into comedy writing and secondly, how he was canceled in such a cruel vicious way. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!