The Progressive Attack on Children

In this week’s episode, we give you another glimpse into our nine-part investigative podcast: The Kevin Spacey Trial: Unfiltered. The story reveals how the media colluded to infiltrate our justice system. Before you know it, due process will be a thing of the past, which is exactly why you need to listen to this podcast. Then, we discuss how the mainstream media plays a huge role in pushing the transgender narrative. We do so by speaking to two very special guests. The first is CEO of the LGB Alliance, Kate Barker, who was one of those who helped inspire our new play: Mermaids vs. The Alliance. This play was written to fight back against the pervasive trans ideology that’s coming for your children in a school or in a town near you. Lastly, we speak to an American activist and one of the unfortunate victims of the trans ideology, an 18 year-old girl named Chloe Cole. Her story is heartbreaking and a reminder that pervasive trans ideology is here to stay if we don’t do something about it.