The Daily Virus #10 | Pope Francis Blames Coronavirus On Climate Change

Pope Francis is one of the most “activist” religious leaders in history.  He’s helped lead the global conversation about climate change and has made the climate crisis a religious and moral issue.   Yesterday he spoke out about the coronavirus pandemic and said it might be one of “nature’s responses” to ignoring the climate crisis.  Linking this pandemic to climate change is not only dangerous – it could queue up climate change to be the left’s next crusade after the virus is over. 

In depressing news, the jobless claims continue to skyrocket.  As of today, 10% of Americans are without a job.  Will we bounce back from this crisis or will job loss numbers continue to escalate? 

If you read the Wall Street Journal (which we strongly recommend) you might see our opinion piece in today’s paper.  It’s about the collapsing green movement in this state of emergency.  Across the country, liberal cities are racing to revoke their bans on plastic bags and reusable mandates.  Will Americans start to flee cities for the suburbs where virus rates are lower and it’s easier to social distance?  Will public transportation rates continue to plummet?  We discuss. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss the WHO (and why you can’t trust them), draconian local laws, and more!

Lastly – we hope you and your family have a great Easter weekend.  We will be taking Good Friday off so there will not be an episode of the Daily Virus tomorrow.  Thanks for tuning in and stay safe!

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