POSTER: James Comey To Be Portrayed As Boy Scout in ObamaGate Movie

ObamaGate The Movie To Portray James Comey In Boy Scout Uniform 

Film’s Producer Slams The Comey Rules “Heroic” Portrayal Of Comey

(Los Angeles, CA) — The producers behind ObamaGate The Movie have released new photographs and the movie poster for the film set to debut on YouTube in mid-October.  The photo stills reveal that former FBI Director Jim Comey, played by Dynasty’sJohn James, will be portrayed in a Boy Scout uniform to highlight the childish absurdity behind James Comey’s self-righteous tweets, testimony, and attitude.

“James Comey is not the hero he thinks he is – or the one that Showtime’s The Comey Rule portrays him as. In his tweets, speeches, and Congressional testimony – Comey acts like a Boy Scout who could do no wrong.  But that could not be farther from the truth,” said Phelim McAleer, the co-writer and producer of the film.

 The Comey Rule, the big budget mini series on Showtime has recently come under fire for the series’ heroic portrayal of James Comey and the series has been slammed over its overdramatization of the Russia collusion investigation. 

In contrast to Showtime’s controversial editorialization of the Russia collusion hoax, ObamaGate The Movie is a verbatim play that will be filmed “Hamilton style” in Los Angeles.  The film script is unusual in that it will be completely verbatim and consist of the declassified files, congressional and court transcripts, text messages, tweets, and statements of top government and FBI officials. 

It also features the embarrassing and conspiratorial text messages of “FBI Lovebirds” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Obamagate The Movie also features appearances by James Comey and the Obama CIA Chief James Brennan and their cringeworthy tweets read aloud.

The film stars Dean Cain (Superman) as Peter Strzok, Kristy Swanson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Lisa Page, and John James (Dynasty) as James Comey. 

Filmmaker, journalist, and podcaster Phelim McAleer is raising $150,000 to produce the film which will be released on YouTube for free.  Since launching the campaign in early September, the campaign has raised over $110,000 in grassroots donations.   

The film is directed by veteran director Kiff Scholl and co-written by Brian Godawa.  Godawa is a veteran screenwriter with credits including “To End All Wars” starring Keifer Sutherland. More information and the crowdfunding campaign can be accessed at