Phelim Assaulted By Disgraced Lawyer Steven Donziger

This week’s scoop is packed with some shocking information, so you don’t want to miss it! We first get into the breaking news about the Trump indictment and then we move onto how Phelim was assaulted by disbarred Chevron lawyer, Steven Donziger. Phelim, Ann, and James O’Keefe were out to lunch when we saw Steven Donziger and decided to partake in some good old fashion journalism, which led to Donziger assaulting Phelim. Ann has the pleasure of interviewing David Helling who is the director and writer of “His Only Son”, a movie about Abraham’s faith being tested on his three-day journey to sacrifice his son, Issac. Ann and David discuss how “His Only Son” came into fruition, and how you can view the movie in a theater near you!