Canada’s Baby Euthanasia and Trump’s Impending Indictment

As always recently, this week’s Scoop is coming from rainy California. We have a lot of shocking topics packed in for the day. First, we start off with discussing Donald Trump’s possible indictment over payment to adult film star, Stormy Daniels. Ann traveled to Santa Barbra to speak at a Young America’s Foundation conference about the fear mongering that climate activists spread. We also get into how Canada’s government is fighting to legalize child and newborn baby euthanasia for illnesses and disabilities. Canada is also giving school children books that are pure government propaganda for human euthanasia. We move onto meeting with John Leaf, to discuss his new mystery novel set in Los Angeles and how the city inspired his book. We give you Ronald Reagan’s favorite chili recipe and end with a never before seen video of Fauci being confronted about the COVID vaccine.