Our Return From Serbia And A Heartwarming Thanksgiving Story With Detective Jim Wood

We are back from Serbia and full of stories from the set of “My Son Hunter” the movie we are making about Hunter Biden and the Biden family corruption. There was never a dull moment. Everyone was so committed and determined to bring the truth through art.

Among the stories were:

John James (Jeff Colby from Dynasty) who plays Joe Biden in in the movie, was rushed to the hospital after an off-set accident. Star Wars Gina Carano joined the cast and gave us some clever life advice. And we were taught a delicious Serbian recipe. Also on this week’s episode we’re joined by a very special guest, Detective Jim Wood, who was the person who led the investigation that put abortion doctor and serial killer Kermit Gosnell behind bars. He was featured in our last feature film Gosnell. We hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving shared with friends and family!