October 7 –  The Media Wants You to Forget It

In today’s episode, Ann interviews author and deputy Newsweek editor Batya Ungar-Sargon. Batya first shares her perspective on rising anti-semitism across the globe and the media’s lack of integrity to hold Hamas responsible for their horrific attacks. Then, we briefly discuss her new book: “Second Class, How the Elites Betrayed America’s Working Men and Women”. 
First and foremost, the establishment wants the world to forget about the terrorist attacks that occurred on October 7th, but we refuse to let that happen. This is why we are coming out with October 7, a new verbatim play consisting entirely of eyewitness accounts of the Oct 7 massacres in Israel.  It is a must-see and you can buy tickets, or donate here: www.october7theplay.com. We’re going to film the play and release it online. We’re also going to take this play to Harvard and other elite, woke universities that desperately need to learn the truth. This is one of the biggest projects we’ve ever done, so we ask you to share the story with everyone that you know and donate what you can.