OCTOBER 7 Play – Revealing the Truth – To Open In New York

Welcome back to the Scoop. On today’s episode, we announce our newest project: “OCTOBER 7”. It is a verbatim play consisting of the TRUE, unedited, and raw stories from Israel’s massacres on October 7th, 2023. Every word spoken by every actor on the stage is taken from the actual accounts of survivors and families of victims. There is editing, no drama, just to show the compelling nature of such a horrific day. OCTOBER 7 is the voice of those who lived through that day. The stories are tragic, they are moving, and they are heroic. They are also unforgettable. OCTOBER 7 will be one of the most compelling plays ever to be staged in New York and it will run from May 2nd-June 16th, 2024. You can buy tickets at https://www.october7theplay.com/. We sincerely hope you can join us in not only honoring the stories of these survivors, but also honoring the lives that were lost.